Distribution, Stock Management And Commercial Vehicle Services

IT Solutions

Like many Logistics Companies Stan Robinson is committed to a continual investment in the best available IT systems and technology to support our customers. This ranges from vehicle tracking to warehouse management systems and EDI solutions. Working with our customers our aim is to improve service and reduce costs.

Vehicle Telematics
Telematics provide a range of benefits including instant fleet visibility, historic activity reporting and, driver style feedback. This allows us to know exactly where your goods are, whilst also ensuring they are delivered in the most safe and, efficient manner whilst also minimising our carbon impact.

Warehouse Management System
We operate the Blue Yonder (Red Prairie) warehouse management system (WMS) across a number of our key customers. This industry leading WMS enables us to properly record where inventory is stored, ensures stock segregation in compliance with COMAH regulations and efficiently put away and pick stock. Blue Yonder is fully integrating with our transport management system (TMS), and client systems including SAP.

Smart Driver Interface (SDI)
By equipping all of our drivers with smart devices, and custom business specific applications we are able to provide you with near instantaneous feedback via our web portal on the status of your consignments.

Web Portal
Our systems enable our customers to access their own portal allowing quick and easy access to consignment information including arrival times, customer signatures, and scanned POD copies. Our web portal also directly communicates with our TMS allowing you to add your consignments at any time, manually or via EDI.

Fleet and Workshop Management System
Our dedicated, cloud-based platform seamlessly allows our drivers and in-house vehicle maintenance team to efficiently and effectively communicate with one another, reporting daily checks, defects, and scheduled service maintenance ensuring compliance, reducing risk, and ultimately reducing down time.

Transport management system (TMS) 
We run a fully featured transport management system, allowing us to optimize, book, print and track every consignment from start to finish. As the core component of our business this interacts with our other services to get the information we need fast to ensure we provide you with the exemplary service that you have come to expect from Stan Robinsons