Distribution, Stock Management And Commercial Vehicle Services

Meet the Team

Mark Robinson

Managing Director

Mark is our managing Director and is the eldest son of Stan Robinson. Mark joined the company after leaving school. He progressed right the way through the company from starting in the warehouse to progressing as a driver from 7.5t to 44t arctic driving. Mark then progressed into the office and is now managing director. Mark oversees all aspects of the business on a day to day basis and all management report directly to him. Mark skills obtained over the years have transferred to being a successful MD who can relate to all aspects of the business.

Pauline Wilson

Senior Director

Pauline is our company Secretary/Senior Director. Pauline is the daughter of Stan Robinson and has worked for the company since leaving school. Pauline on a day to day basis runs our accounts department and oversees all financial decisions within the business. She is also part of the team overseeing all aspects of the business.

Ian Robinson

Company Director

Ian is one of our company directors who also joined the company from school and is the youngest son of Stan Robinson. Ian currently drives for our company and is hands on in many ways, which over the years has included working in the warehouse and the garage.

Steve Cope

Transport Director

In his role as director of transport Steve is responsible for the smooth running of transport and logistics across all four sites and coordinating the day to day operations with all depot and transport managers. Steve is proactive with all customers and oversees this on a daily basis. Steve has over 40 years’ worth of experience in the transport industry and over 30 years working within our company. Steve's skills include communication, leadership, organisational and transport planning.

Steve Carson

General Manager

As general manager, Steve's key role is to provide support to all areas of the business. Focusing on enhancing customer service and continuous improvement and driven by the desire to improve results. With extensive experience in warehousing and distribution Steve oversees the warehouse hub and storage operation whilst providing support to all depots, Human Resources, Quality and Customer service departments.

Paul Byott

Key Account manager

In his role as key account manager Paul has over 20 years’ experience in customer service and logistics management. He has grown relationships with existing customers whilst also building up strong relationships with new customers. Paul on a daily basis looks after the customer service team and has direct contact with traffic planners to ensure all customers are kept up to speed with deliveries whilst also producing KPI reports for all customers and then communicates to all areas within the business. Paul is highly skilled in transportation, customer service and logistics management.

Rob Norman

Stafford Transport Manager

In his role as Stafford depot transport manager, Rob is responsible for driver and vehicle compliance with a fleet of 100+ drivers and vehicles. He is an experienced transport manager with a demonstrated history of working in the logistic and supply chain industry and has now been with Stan Robinsons for over 30 years, starting in April 1991. He has skills in negotiation, operations management and has recently completed his advanced level apprenticeship logistics operations. Other key roles include team building, purchasing and is a strong operations professional.

Sharon McCann

ATF Manager

As an ATF Manager, I liaise with the DVSA booking in customer for commercial MOT. I also make sure the facilities are up to DVSA regulations, this include organising calibrations on equipment, regular checks on all other equipment and clean and clear test lanes for daily use. I have the responsibility of carrying out voluntary brake testing and smoke testing on vehicle and trailers, also checking customer’s headlamp beam setup. For some MOT test requirements vehicles and trailers also need loading with weights; I therefore load vehicles and trailers with the onsite weight with a forklift truck. I also help customer with the DVSA paperwork; i.e. Filling out documentation for replacement MOT certficates or ministry plating.

Michelle Bryans

HR Leader

Michelle has over 20 years’ experience working in HR and recruitment, within the manufacturing and logistics industries.  As our HR lead, she provides advice on all matters HR such as disciplinary and grievance, absence management, employee relations, recruitment and selection, employee engagement, and all other stages within the employee lifecycle.  Since joining us, Michelle has built trusting relationships with both managers and employees to encourage clear and effective communication.

Garry Barker

Quality Manager

Garry Barker is our quality manager who ensures business conformance to ISO 9001 and 50001 standard requirements. Garry also acts as our continuous improvement champion. An experienced innovative strategist, skilled in developing and implementing continuous improvement initiatives focusing on optimising team efficiency, improving service performance and supporting the goal of operational excellence.

Peter Ulleri

Bostik contract General Manager

Peter is part of the senior management team with specific responsibility for the Bostik contract. Specific responsibilities include: Commercial management, strategic tactical and operational planning, budget setting and control, continuous improvement, supporting site health and safety (lower tier COMAH) and developing the Bostik management team.

Mark Owen

Warehouse Operations Manager

Mark is the warehouse operations manager reporting to the general manager. Through his team of first line managers, Mark manages staffing and other resources to ensure Bostik’s requirements are met on time and within budget. Specific responsibilities include: Operational planning, budget control continuous improvement and supporting sit health and safety (lower tier COMAH).

David Blaney

IT Manager

In his role as IT Manager David is responsible for the support and maintenance of the entire Stan Robinson IT infrastructure, across all four of our sites; alongside managing the staff within the IT department and overseeing all strategic IT development and innovations. David has 15 years’ worth of experience working as an IT professional, in a wide array of industries including government, healthcare and logistics. IT is an integral part of the Stan Robinson business model; as such David and his team offer a friendly approachable service to each and every one of our 300+ employees as well as our clients.

Jim Cameron

Health and Safety Manager

In his role as health and safety manager Jim is responsible for providing safety, health and environmental advice to Stan Robinson staff and management as required, enabling them to undertake their health and safety responsibilities at Stafford and the other depots. Jim has a Master’s Degree in Change Management as well as Project Management Qualifications and the NEBOSH General and CDM Qualification in Occupational health and safety practice he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills having served for 32 years in the Fire Service previously and is based at our lower tier COMAH site in Stafford where he provides advice to senior management on compliance with the COMAH regulations. Jim is keen to see Stan Robinson grow and improve while all the time keeping everyone safe from harm. Some key responsibilities include ensuring regular site inspections, risk assessments and suitable control measures are in place he also has a desire to develop the correct safety culture within the organisation and will be working hard along with other to achieve this goal.

Matty Roberts

Warehouse Office Supervisor

As warehouse Office Supervisor Matty has the responsibility of ensuring that our storage customers' accounts are accurately administered. Matty works closely with key customers and coordinates daily storage and picking requirements. Highly experienced in customer service Matty forms a link between the traffic office, our customers and the accounts department with a high level of focus on accuracy, whilst providing excellent communication.

Phil Norman

Devon Depot Manager

Phil in his position of depot manager in our Devon depot is responsible for planners, maintenance staff, drivers and warehouse staff on a daily basis. Phil is our most senior depot manager with a demonstrated history of working in logistics and has come through the ranks, starting as a driver and progressing into warehousing and management with over 30 years’ experience including 26 years as our Devon manager. Phil’s skills include freight, logistics management and transportation.

Darren Burlinson

Darlington, Regional Distribution and Transport Manager

In his role as regional distribution and transport manager Darren is responsible for all staff including transport planners, maintenance staff, drivers and warehouse staff on a daily basis. Darren is also a qualified FORS practitioner and forklift instructor. Darren is an experienced transport manager with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in negotiation, operation management, freight, team building and purchasing and is a strong operations professional.

Peter Caldwell

Glasgow Depot Manager

Peter in his position of depot and transport manager in our Scotland Depot is responsible for planners, maintenance staff, drivers and warehouse staff on a daily basis. Peter is an experienced transport manager with a demonstrated history of working in logistics and has come through the ranks starting as a driver and progressing into warehousing and ultimately completing his CPC manager’s qualification. Peter’s skills include freight, logistics management and transportation.